It's our goal to provide the most advanced video streaming technologies to better protect the lives of those that serve.


Serastar meets the challenge and demand for high bandwidth real time video and data distribution through a secure global FIPS 140-2 AES 256bit encrypted system.


All S.T.A.R.S.TM and VELO systems are data input/output neutral hubs that securely distribute information over an ever-widening field of camera/video technology platforms. Our hardware is essential in bridging the real time information gap across geographic boundaries. S.T.A.R.S.TM and VELO systems give the ability to take any video input and redistribute it globally to those in need, in real time. 

S.T.A.R.S.TM is the most rugged compact and portable tactical surveillance kit available today.  This complete package offers users the ability to transmit a video feed in 5 separate modes (simultaneously or any combination of the 5)

➢ 3G/4G

➢ 802.11 Secure Wi-Fi (+/- 100 yds.)

➢ Digital Out to global radio network (many to many)

➢ Digital Out to global radio and/or satellite network (many to many)

➢ Analog Out (specifically for Harris network application)


VELO is a MIL-STD 810 G certified system designed to be hard-mounted into any vehicle or aircraft platform. The VELO power source comes from the vehicle and transmits data from our externally mounted antenna. Video, data, and audio transmissions deliver the same real time feed standards as the S.T.A.R.S.TM within the 4G LTE airspace, satellite, MANET communication backbones.


Serastar Technologies Corporation's® solutions offer FIPS 140 / DHS Compliant Dedicated in the cloud or ground based servers for securely routing critical information to all echelons of command and control.



• Covert Surveillance

• Remote Monitoriing

• Public Safety

• Maritime Communications

• Perimeter Security

• Manned Airborne

• Unmanned Airborne Operations

• Tele-Medicine

• Industrial Field Service

• Vehicle - Vehicle Communications

• Deep Tunnel Communications

• Training

• Joint Force Distribution

• Common Platform


Law Enforcement

  • Provides secure streaming video from ground, air and nautical platform cameras to ground based or other mobile users

  • Delivers visual situational awareness to inbound or prepositioned supporting units

  • Ability to project remote camera feeds over-watching areas of high crime density

  • Connects to controllers for aerial drones, EOD robots and some CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) detectors for immediate C2 awareness and alert

  • Employable with a wide array of legacy and current camera and EO/IR optic systems

  • Networks an unlimited number of first responders during catastrophic and MASCAL events (one to one, one to many)

  • Maximizes community-based patrols, saturation and suppression efforts, interdiction and containment through collective and comprehensive shared video distribution

  • Supports providing HQ’s, operations centers and OEM’s with a 3-dimensional video, audio and data perspective like never before

  • Share secure streaming video with other local, state, federal and national-level partners

Fire Departments

  • The systems support the sharing of secure, live video streaming of the on-site situation to higher command, OEM’s, national assets, rotary, and fixed wing platforms, during urban, rural, natural and manmade catastrophic events

  • Streamline the coordination and deconfliction of efforts when inter and joint department efforts are required

  • Limits risk to first responders by transmitting secure video from remotely piloted vehicles to ensure wide area situational awareness

  • Situationally prepares incoming rescue personnel through the receipt of ‘ground truth’, hazards and complexity of emergency situations

  • Capable of relaying voice, data and video to hospital trauma teams to better prepare, triage and care for incoming casualties

  • Supports secure, wide-area distribution to assist in assessing the magnitude of CBRN events

  • Allows sharing with national-level elements, in order to leverage needed support, materials, specialists and personnel

  • Information inter-agency compatibility is ensured due to the nature of the distribution systems design


  • 24x7x365 common operating picture of all fixed sites, mobile elements and on-site visual status during times of enemy contact

  • Serves as a central hub for various communications modalities, sensors and missions greatly reducing C2 and CE problem-sets

  • Supports secure video, audio and data distribution to friendly, joint and host-nation command elements

  • Provides secure wide distribution of live-streaming video from sUAS, fixed wind drones, mast cameras, aerostats, EOD robots, hand-held optics, scopes, rotary aircraft and fixed wing aircraft (up to 3,000 AGL)

  • Operates within cellular denied areas to enable continued communications and transmittal of video and data

  • Enables C2 at all levels real-time locations of friendly forces (when employed using mapping software, TAK or ATAK)

  • Increases force protection through reduced risk to personnel, while providing persistent surveillance and overwatch

  • Proven interoperability with a number of CBRN detection systems, delivering NRT (.5-2 sec. latency) secure-global video distribution to key force and CBRN leadership

  • Allows C2 CONUS RIP-TOA leadership the ability to establish situational awareness and a “battle rhythm” prior to deployment through a secure global feed of all patrols, OP’s and COP’s

Homeland Security

  • Receives and distributes ISR through a wide array of platforms (visual, UGS, Fixed-Site, InstantEye, PUMA’s, Aerostat’s, and medium to high altitude video feeds to all authorized recipients

  • Connects to most mobile, fixed site and handheld EO/IR cameras currently being employed with U.S. Border Protection forces

  • Serves as cellular hotspot to ensure continuity of communication to all tactical and administrative elements

  • Provides ground to air and air to ground situation awareness to ensure ground personnel remain tagged through accurate geo-location

  • Able to enhance fixed site surveillance arrays by reducing the number of personnel required to monitor large swaths of terrain

  • Improves the efficiency of personnel and equipment through the use of persistent surveillance over-watching ‘dead space’, extreme terrain or locations where hostile organizations may have terrain advantage

  • Systems can support covert or clandestine camera secure video viewing and airframe platform telemetry

  • Secure, global, live video feeds can be viewed on cell phones, tablets, desktop computers and shared with adjacent nation border forces and leadership

  • Delivers situational awareness from any port of entry in support of HVT/HVI identification

  • Remote installation with EO/IR systems reduces the signature of enforcement personnel from DTO counter-surveillance personnel



  • Provides secure, global-feeds of remote facilities, vessels, personnel and equipment

  • Supports perimeter security, beyond the line-of-site when employed with mast EO/IR systems

  • Delivers geolocation of critical materials, equipment and personnel when operating in high-threat areas or regions

  • Serves as a real-time connection for corporate security personnel to all global out-stations to confirm or adjust corporate risk assessments

  • Allows for continuous secure video, data and communications from subterranean mining or tunnel complexes to the surface to any authorized global recipients

  • Can be employed in conjunction with corporate issued communication equipment to ensure secure, encrypted voice, data and video integrity