Providing Rapidly Deployable, Secure, Reliable, Adaptable Technologies

Single Tactical Information Distribution Network (S.T.I.D.N.)TM

We have developed the worlds first video streaming hub delivering secure video, audio (VOIP) and metadata. Our product is 100% American components, design and manufactured. We understand todays hardware and software environment requires clients to establish and maintain operational and communications security, which is why we designed our certified FIPS 140-2 256bit encrypted systems. Our nations protectors, both at home and abroad, need to know their data is secured when they plug into our systems, all the way to its authorized users and recipients.


Through our ready to “plug and play” products, your operational geo-space will take on width and depth far beyond radio transmissions and digital images. The days of one-dimensional and even two-dimensional perspectives from maps, overlays and single-camera feeds will quickly be a thing of the past. Through use of the STARS, VELO and Messenger radio systems, all of your asset platforms will be accessible to all of your authorized users, securely. 


The STARS and VELO are adaptive, with our stock or added inputs and configuration, we are able to support most subsurface, surface or aviation platforms. Regardless of the mission; defensive or offensive, homeland protection of the border or providing overwatch through a mast camera to a remote combat outpost, Serastar Technologies delivers. 

Made in the USA



 It's our goal to provide the most advanced video streaming technologies to better protect the lives of those that serve.